Amjad Nasser: ‘We Have to Listen More to Reality Than We Used To’


Amjad Nasser is not Amjad Nasser:

A man who calls himself Amjad Nasser. In his novelist-role.

“Amjad Nasser” is the pen name of a poet, journalist, travel-writer, and novelist who was forced to leave his native Jordan when he was just 21. After that, he lived in Beirut and Cyprus, working as a journalist and poet, finally ending up in London in 1987.

Since then, he has carried multiple identities, some of which can be glimpsed in his debut novel, Land of No Rain. He is an editor and a poet, an essayist and a novelist, a travel-writer and a fantasist. Here, in an interview published first and in a different form on Qantara, Nasser talks mostly in the guise of a public intellectual.

ArabLit: How has your idea of ‘the role of the writer’ changed from when you were a young writer in Jordan, through your travels, to moving to London, and till today?

Amjad Nasser: My opinion hasn’t changed much since…

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